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"Consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product that has video demonstration."

Through careful experimentation, we devised shooting routines, scripts, voice-overs, and supporting music that is targeted and influential.


Since HTML5 streaming and H.265 encoding are commonplace, a business web presence must depend on a network of video content to stay visible and relevant. RV Dealer Videos give customers the convenience of watching your videos in their home when and where they want.


With RV Dealer Videos a long term marketing package can be created with regular updated RV Walk Around and Service Drive Videos of your newest stock and accessories.

Video Production

Stand out from the crowd by providing your customers a full suite of videos featuring the maintenance and repair services that Make You Indispensable.

People expect video demonstration of products, recorded testimonials, and visual study of potential services from their home. They prefer businesses that provide the tools for them to do this, because it saves their time and resources. Plus, it gives them a chance to share their findings.

What our clients say

I would highly recommend Media 272. Our return of investment with Media 272 is outstanding!

Todd Timmerman General Manager Curtis Trailers, Portland Oregon